Pan and Trigger System
Pan & Trigger System
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The pan bolt is locked down tight as I designed it this way.

When I was using other traps with slotted brass bolt and nut, you had to carry a screw driver and a nut driver in order to tighten the pan nut to get the tension you wanted.

So when I built the Jake trap I built it to eliminate this.

Before any adjustments make sure your trap is clean and waxed. Clean all the wax out of the notches of the jaw and the pan.     Take a nut driver and tighten  the pan nut and move the pan up and down several times to loosen the wax.    Then slightly snug the pan nut and set the trap.    Dry fire it so you can get the feel for the pan tension you want.     After dry firing or after a catch or a snapped trap, the nut will tend to loosen up.   Reset the trap.     Use a nut driver and snug up the pan nut for the pan tension you want and it's ready to bed.

This is a very
easy and fast system once you become familiar and used to it.
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