As a young boy starting to trap, I knew nothing about pan tension and not much else at the time.
     In my mind, I wanted to get the pan as low as I could. I did this by bending the end of the pan downward and bringing the loose jaw up, and placing a stone under each corner.  My thought was, the lower the pan, the more committed the animal was when he put his foot down. Thus you would have a good solid foot catch instead of toe catches.
     In later years, while working on not hundreds but thousands of traps in my custom modification business, I always daydreamed about someday making my own trap.
     In the mid 1990s, I took the time to start working on my project. This is where a combination of my coyote trapping experience and knowledge of working on a variety of traps kicked in. I knew exactly what I wanted.
     When restoring some old Diamond brand traps for a customer, I could see the potential speed for using a wire lever and spring combination. I wanted a dogless trap with a large, low, heavy-duty pan with total tension control. I was tired of cows bending the pans and the coyotes twisting the dogs out of shape.
     I also wanted the jaws riveted in to eliminate the jaw tips breaking and popping out of the frame; and a heavy duty base so the frame wouldn't bend. I felt the pads on different rubber padded traps that I used were too soft and with inadequate spring pressure which caused pull-outs, snapped traps, etc., and I was totally unsatisfied.
     I designed my rubber pad with straight-lined grooves and a higher, firmer density. The pads could be easily removed. All the parts were cut out with a hacksaw and all the bending done by hammer and vice until I came up with a trap to my satisfaction.
     My first prototype was named the Coyote "Jake"™ Trap. Named Jake, after my first grandchild. 
I designed this trap strictly for myself.
The Coyote Jake™ Trap — The Toughest Coyote and Cat Trap on the Market — Rigged to Go!
Features a dogless trap with double gun notch. Large heavy-duty pan with adjustments for pan tension and for high or low pan. Special 4-coil wire lever springs made from the best grade music wire available to produce both POWER and SPEED. Jaws are riveted to base and have 3/16" Thicker Jaw addition and smooth rounded jaw edges. The loose jaw lays flat!
Made by a trapper. Only a limited number will be made each year due to my trapping.
Click on the link for a close-up picture of the Jake™ Trap features:
The jaws are designed to accept specially designed rubber pads that are included, making the Jake™ Trap the most versatile trap on the market.
Heavy-duty center D-ring baseplate rigged with three MB Crunchproof swivels or Rod Swivels, welded link chain, tough T-Bar™ Shock Spring and a Chesnut double stake ring.
Jaw Spread Measurements
Inside 5-5/8" - With Rubber Pads
Coyote Jake™ Trap - Rod Swivel Rig
Customer pays all shipping on Jake™ Traps. Call or e-mail for quote.
Jake Trap
Jake Trap
Pad Changing Tool
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Jake Trap
Made in USA
Jake traps are available with our Rod swivels or the MB Crunchproof swivels
Coyote Jake™ Trap - MB Swivel Rig
Extra Pads
Order CT106
$1.00 - Pair
Extra Pads
Order CT101
$35.00 - Each
Order CT102
$195.00 - Half dozen
Order CT103
$370.00 - Dozen
Order CT101A
$36.00 - Each
Order CT102A
$200.00 - Half dozen
Order CT103A
$380.00 - Dozen
Pad Changing Tool
Order CT104
$2.25 - Each
Ezy Set Trap Setter
Jake Trap Setter
Now a new and easy way to set your Jake traps.
All Aluminum - Strong and light weight!
Designed for wire lever traps with center hookup but also works well on metal lever traps and end hookup.
Sets #1-1/2's to #4
coil spring traps. Setter includes 2 sets of stainless Quick Links. The medium quick links for the: Jake Trap - MB 650 - Sterling 600
longer quick links for the: 1 1/2's thru #4's  -  MB 550 
$85.00 - Each plus all shipping
Jake Trap Setter - Ezy Set
Select the group of traps from the drop down order box that you'll mostly use the setter for, and we'll set it up with the right quick link!
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