When the state of Arizona passed a law that you had to use a shock spring on your trapping rigs, I decided to make my own. I felt I could make one as good or better than what was on the market, and designed the first "Slide Action Shock Spring" using 1/2" half-round material. Heavy Duty and Coyote Proof. Later, due to the time involved in welding, plus the increased demand, I came out with the T-Bar Slide Action™ Shock Spring which is also coyote proof.
I prefer an 18-inch to 20-inch chain system with a minimum of three swivels, a shock spring and a double stake ring. With this setup, when the animal pulls, he's always pulling away from the stake. In using a short chain rig, an animal has a tendency to pull upward, pumping your stake out of the ground. I like using plenty of swiveling to prevent lock-up from grass, trash and other debris. I also use shorter or longer chain rigs, depending on what the set location tells me.
Best designed shock spring on the market. The only one of its kind. Decreases the shock to the animal, minimizing foot and shoulder injury, and keeps the stake from being pumped out of the ground. Die cut T-Bar™ with 1/4" hole to allow for easy hook-up. Supplied with lock washers.
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Made in USA
X Strong Duty
Order CS126
$3.00 - Each
X Strong Duty
Order CS127
$17.50 - Half dozen
X Strong Duty
Order CS128
$33.00 - Dozen
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X Strong Duty
Order CS117
$2.50 - Each
X-Strong Duty
Order CS118
$14.50 - Half dozen
X-Strong Duty
Order CS119
$27.00 - Dozen
Types of Shock Spring Hook-ups:
Top - Inline T-Bar
Right - Looped T-Bar
Left - Redesigned T-Bar
Inline Spring
Looped Spring
An inline shock spring made for the power and size of wolf and big eastern coyote. The T-bars have a radius cut at the head for added strength with a rounded nose and special eye for easy J hookup, and the spring is made of the highest quality music spring wire available.
Overall length is 5-3/4" and 1" in diameter. Rated at 130 lb.
NEW!! XXX Wolf T-Bar™ Shock Spring
Order XX130
$4.50 - Each
Order XX131
$26.00 - Half dozen
Order XX132
$49.00 - Dozen
Assembled Shock Spring
Assembled & Welded Original T-Bar™ Shock Spring
Order CS120
$2.80 - Each
Order CS121
$16.50 - Half dozen
Order CS122
$31.00 - Dozen
Standard Duty
Unassembled Original T-Bar™ Shock Spring
Order CS111
$2.30 - Each
Order CS112
$13.50 - Half dozen
Order CS113
$25.00 - Dozen
Unassembled Shock Spring
Standard Duty
X Strong Duty
Order CS126B
$2.50 - Each
X Strong Duty
Order CS127B
$14.50 - Half dozen
X Strong Duty
Order CS128B
$27.00 - Dozen
NEW! Redesigned T-Bar Shock Spring
Same quality spring and T-Bar but with a longer rounded nose and a special eye for easy j hookup to your swivels. No welding required.
Standard Duty
Order CS120A
$2.30 - Each
Order CS121B
$13.50 - Half dozen
Order CS122B
$25.00 - Dozen
Comes unassembled. Note the rounded nose and longer eye.
The reason I use Shock Springs is that in extreme weather, toe catches do and will happen.