While trapping on the Navajo Indian Reservation in the mid 80s, Mel Hershberger, a couple of fellow trappers and I, were sitting about camp one evening, sharing our events of the day. We were on the subject of 4-coiling. Everyone in those days was adding #1-1/2 coil springs to strengthen their traps. I had tried it, but I was not satisfied. During this discussion I came up with the idea, out of the blue, to make my own. I described my thoughts and everyone felt it was a good idea. I couldn't wait to get started on this new project. The name originated from the Taos, New Mexico, area where a lot of mountain men wintered and made whiskey – they called it Taos Lightning because of its punch (kick), and if you've ever tried any, you know what I mean. This is how the Taos Lightning™ Spring came about.
Taos Lightning™ Spring Kits
The Best Designed 4-Coil System on the Market. Absolutely No Comparison!
Demanded by both government and professional trappers. Easy to install.
The double torsion springs are made from the highest quality music wire available. The spring pin is made from high tensile steel and will not bend. Heavy spring lock included.
When powering up your trap, the main thing I like about 4 coiling over adding stronger replacement springs, is the 4 coil also gives the trap a more even balance when it's triggered.The extra power and speed you need without overdoing it. What's so convenient about the Taos Lightning™ Spring is once it's set up, all you have to do is loosen the lock, slide the spring off or on (depending on the ground condition and the power you need). Tighten the lock and you are ready to go. It's that simple.
4-Coil Springs
Taos Lightning™ Spring Kits
There are 19 kits available, and each includes the spring, longer heavy duty spring pin and lock. Comes in both standard and extra strong models.
Kit #1 - Fits #1-1/2 Northwood Round & Square Jaw, #1-3/4 Northwood Round & Square Jaw, #1.75 Victor Pro 2x2, & #1.65 Bridger

Kit #2 - Fits #3 Victor Round & Square Jaw (with 2-7/8" pin), #3 Victor Soft Catch, #3 Duke, Victor #4 Coyote 2x2 (with 2-7/8" pin).

Kit #3 - Fits #1-1/2 Victor, #1-1/2 Victor Soft Catch, #1-1/2 Duke, #1-1/2 Bridger, #1-1/2 Blake & Lamb

Kit #4 - Fits #1.75 Victor Pro, #1-3/4 Victor Round Jaw, #2 Victor Round Jaw, #1-3/4 Duke, and #2 Duke.

Kit #5 - Fits #2 Victor Square Jaw

Kit #6 - Fits #3 Victor Square Jaw (with 3-1/2" wide pin)

Kit #7 - Fits #2 Northwood Square Jaw, #1-3/4 Bridger Round Jaw, #2 Bridger Round & Square Jaw (with 2-1/2" narrow pin)

Kit #8 - Fits #3 Northwood, #3 Bridger (with 3" narrow pin)

Kit #9 - Fits #1-1/2 Montgomery Round & Square Jaw, and #1-1/2 Montana Special.

Kit #10 - Fits #2 Montgomery Round & Square Jaw (with 2-5/8" narrow pin)

Kit #11 - Fits #2 Montgomery Round & Square Jaw & #2 Bridger Round & Square Jaw (with 2-7/8" wide pin)

Kit #12 - Fits #3 Montgomery, #3 Montana Special, #3 Northwood (with 2-1/2" old narrow pin)

Kit #13 - Fits #4 Montgomery, #3 Herter, #4 Sleepy Creek

Kit #14 - Fits #3 Bridger (with 3-1/2" wide pin)

Kit #15 - Fit #1-1/2 Sleepy Creek (solid & t-jaw) & #1-3/4 Sleepy Creek (solid & t-jaw)

Kit #16 - Fits #3 Sleepy Creek

Kit #17 - Fits #2 Herter

Kit #18 - Fits #4 Herter

Kit #20 - Fits #4 Duke
See Kit List, then select your choice from the drop-down menu on the Add to Order button. Please make sure your spring pin width is correct when choosing your Kit #. This is very important
Standard Strength
Order CS101
$2.30 - Each
Standard Strength
Order CS102
$13.00 - Half dozen
Standard Strength
Order CS103
$24.00 - Dozen
X-Strong Strength
Order CS104
$2.50 - Each
X-Strong Strength
Order CS105
$14.00 - Half dozen
X-Strong Strength
Order CS106
$26.00 - Dozen
Spring Lock
Spring Pin
Instructions for Measuring Spring Pin Width
Measure from center to center where the pin comes through the trap frame. If you have questions, please phone or e-mail us.
Measure Pin
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NEW! Taos Lightning™ Spring Kit #19
Fits MB550 RC. Includes spring,clip, bolt,& nut only.
Order CS111A
$11.00 - Half dozen
Order CS112A
$20.00 - Dozen
Spring Lock
Order CS109
40˘ - Each
Spring Pin
Order CS110
60˘ - Each
Use the Kit guide above to select pin from the pull-down menu on the Add to Order button.
Taos Lightning™ Spring Only
Standard Strength
Order CS107
$1.40 - Each
X-Strong Strength
Order CS108
$1.60 - Each
Spring Only
Use Kit guide above and select from the pull-down menu on the Add to Order button.