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This has long been a favorite beaver lure of top trappers. It has also been growing in popularity for its attractiveness to the canines and cats. This heavy castor lure is loaded with the universal attractor of beaver castor.
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$7.50 - 1 oz.
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$25.00 - 4 oz.
All Call
A call lure for all the canines. It's loud and reaches out to where you need to go. Works great with Canine Select and 3-KO.
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$7.50 - 1 oz.
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$25.00 - 4 oz.
All Call
Canine Select
This curiosity paste canine lure drives them nuts. Works great on fox, coyote, cats and raccoon. Doesn't get 'em rolling.
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$7.50 - 1 oz.
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$25.00 - 4 oz.
Canine Select
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A few furs taken with Conner's & Dobbins' proven quality lures. When using lures, use the very best.
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