I got the idea of welding the hoe and the trowel together just to see how workable it would be, and was pleased at the job it did cutting and digging, and how well it worked on the trapline. I was well satisfied! After marketing my trapping videos, and the trappers saw firsthand how I used the tool, I had a lot of inquiries about it. The only problem – I was not able to get the "Yo-Ho" tools I had used in the past, as they had gone out of business. At this time, I decided to manufacture my own, making it more heavy duty to stand up to hard use. This is how the Badger™, the Sod Devil™ and the Jim Digger™ came about.
The Strongest Trapping Tools Made!!!
One-Piece Handle With Grip Surface
1/8" Steel Blade, Heavy 1/2" Steel Shank, Reinforced Shovel Shank
1/8" Steel Blade, Heavy 1/2" Steel Shank, Reinforced Hoe Shank
The Badger™
Two diggers in one. Length is 27 inches.
Order CH101
$39.00 - Each
Jim Digger™
Trapper's trowel measuring 23 inches in length. Choose from Narrow 2-1/2" or Standard 3" blade.
Order CH102
Narrow Blade
$21.00 - Each
Hoe Shank
Shovel Shank
Grip Surface
The Badger
Jim Digger
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Texas Tea Cup
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Jake Trap
Dirt Buster
Made in USA
NEW! D-Handled Jim Digger™
The same fine craftsmanship of our Jim Digger™, with a strong, cold roll steel D-handle. Overall length is 26". Choose from Narrow 2-1/2" or Standard 3" blade size.
D-Handle Jim Digger
Mink Digger
Order CH102A
Narrow Blade
$28.00 - Each
D-Handled Mink Digger™
All metal heavy duty D- Handled Mink Digger™. Handle straight up for maximum strength and ease of digging. 44" overall length. No more broken handles!
D-Handle Mink Digger
Order MD1A
$35.00 - Each
Heavy duty D-Handle made of cold roll steel for strength. For welding on to your metal diggers. No more broken handles!
Order DH
$8.00 - Each
Sod Devil™
Trapper's hoe measuring 19 inches in length.
Order CH103
$21.00 - Each
Sod Devil
Mink Digger
Trapper's trowel measuring 40 inches overall length.
Order MD1
$28.00 - Each
Mink Digger
Heavy duty dirt sifter, available in Aluminum or Stainless with easy grip handle.  Sifter is 6 1/2" in diameter and 6" deep at the handle with heavy duty expanded metal bottom, welded inside and out , which makes one strong sifter.
Texas Tea Cup
Aluminum Sifter
Order TTCA
Stainless Sifter
Order TTCS
Dirt Buster
All aluminum heavy wall dirt sifter with handle for easy gripping.  7" x 10" opening with tapered sides  and a slide in the floor for the convience of carrying dirt.
Aluminum Sifter
Order DBA
Dirt Buster
Heavy Duty D-Rings
3/4-Inch Size
Order CH110
20¢ - Each
3/4-Inch Size
Order CH111
$18.00 - 100
1-Inch Size
Order CH112
27¢ - Each
1-Inch Size
Order CH113
$25.00 - 100
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Measures 3/16" x 1-7/8"
Order CH108
50¢ - Each
Order CH109
$45.00 - 100
Heavy Duty MB Crunch Proof™ In-Line Swivel
If it's not Crunch Proof, it's not Coyote Proof! J-Hooks included
Order CH106
60¢ - Each
Order CH107
$55.00 - 100
Made of 3/16" cold roll steel. The rod swivel lays flat under
the trap base plate hook-up and inline for quick and
easy bedding. Does not tend to pack with mud. The rod
swivel is an all-purpose swivel. I use it for my trap chain
rigs, from the baseplate, inline to shock spring, to the
double stake ring and also on my snare extension cables,
etc. The rod swivel
does require minimal spot welding
and when #6 J-Hook is also welded it is an indestructible
#6 J-Hook included.
Order RS100
45¢ - Each
Order RS200
$40.00 - 100
Chesnut Double Stake Ring
Order CH104
$1.10 - Each
Order CH105
$100.00 - 100
Double Stake Ring
The Handle is made of Schedule 40 pipe. The Pivot Pipe is 2-1/2" diameter. The Tool Steel Heads are Heat Treated and Tempered for hardness, strength and long lasting.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.
See Tip#16 for more pictures and information.
NEW! JC's Stake Puller - Fulcrum Pivot Principal
Order #JCSP
$78.00 Each
26" overall length
Lift Head
Ratchet Head
Customer pays all shipping on Pullers
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Order CH102S
Standard Blade
$21.00 - Each
Order CH102SS
Standard Blade
$28.00 - Each