Desert Trapping of the Big Three
by J.C. Conner
The Big Three book is a complete guide to professional desert trapping – from the semi-flat open Texas desert country to the high rolling foothills of California.
This uncomplicated straight-to-the-point book with easy to understand set methods, will be an asset to your coming trapping season. Nothing has been left out. It covers cat, coyote and grey fox trapping. It tells
set locations, why my trap placement is a little different than most others, why I don't use stepping sticks, brush blocking for cats and much more. My methods are fast, simple and efficient. Don't let the name of the book mislead you into thinking that the methods found in this book work only in the desert! Fact is, the methods found here will work anywhere in the lower 48. This book was written during the fur boom when high competition was the norm. If you want to take CATS in numbers, you'll want to read this book.
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Desert Trapping
Bobcat Trapping – The Professional System
Revised Edition
by Mel Hershberger
The system and set methods for taking Bobcats contained in this book are the results of many years on the trapline as a professional trapper and in private predator control work. By taking advantage of all the habits and traits of the cat family known to Mel Hershberger, he has by trial and error, come through with sets that have proven to produce cats in numbers. The chapter on Trap Alteration shows how to alter the #3 Victor Coil Spring trap which makes it lightning fast and doubles its holding power. No more Bobcat and Coyote pull outs on your coil spring traps. Also contains: Where to look for Cats, Where to make sets, How to make sets, How to take Cats in numbers, Essentials for Cat trapping and more. This book contains 42 pages, 10 chapters and plenty of pictures. It also has a bait formula which I have been using for 14 years. It's very deadly on Cats, Coyotes, Fox and Raccoon, plus it's simple to make.
Bobcat Trapping
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Purchase both books - Desert Trapping of the Big Three and Bobcat Trapping The Professional System -  and save money.
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Trap Modification With J. C. Conner
by "Crow Man" Productions
J. C. takes you through Trap Modifying step by step, showing how to 4 coil – weld and bolt on jaw additions using different types and how to make your own – making offset jaws – using different types of baseplates – lengthening and reinforcing the dog – making a night latch – how to power-up double long spring traps – how to make pan tension on double long springs traps – and also how to salvage "junk traps." If you like working with traps, there is enough detailed information in this video to start your own business with confidence. One hour, 45 minutes.
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Coyote Trapping Dirt Hole Sets With J.C. Conner
by "Crow Man" Productions
The Dirt Hole has caught more animals than all the other sets combined.
The main reasons:
     #1 Because it's
used the most; and
     #2 Its
eye appeal.
Once you learn the basics of making the dirt hole – from the size of a mouse to a badger hole, from a well blended set to 3-4 feet of scratched out rough digging – you will see they can be used in any part of the country and are
deadly. I like working the dirt hole with the flat set and I have no set pattern. I try to let the location tell me what to do, using what is available in the area. My sets are fast, simple and effective, using good equipment and good lure in the right location. Location is the Key in all Trapping!
2 hours, 30 minutes.
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Coyote Trapping Flat Sets With J.C. Conner
by "Crow Man" Productions
A snare is a coyote's worst nightmare and a flat set is right up there with it!
This instructional coyote video concentrates on making the variations of Flat Sets both East and West of the Mississippi River. These sets can be used anywhere, but really come into their own at game trails, dry washes and all types of access roads. Use any type of Backing – bone, wood, rocks, cowpies, etc. – different ways to blend them in. (People walk right by!) Also includes How to work among cattle.
By using a variety of Flat Sets, you will be more successful at trapping coyotes, especially the wise guy. Fast and easy to set up, but a lot of trappers overlook their effective use. Two hours.
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Predator Trapping Blind Sets With J. C. Conner
by "Crow Man" Productions
Blind Set Locations are often overlooked.
In this video, we will be talking about how and
where to make blind sets. It doesn't matter where you are trapping – dry washes in the Southwest, trails in the mountains, or back East in farm country. Just pay attention while working your regular line and those set locations will just come up and slap you in the face. You can just visualize that animal walking down through there and hitting that trap. In my opinion, the Blind Set just adds one more notch to your skill and ability to catch animals. I have always found it very challenging and it really gives you confidence as a trapper. Come join me on my Eastern line and then we will head out West for more blind set trapping. Two hours, 30 minutes.
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Bobcat Trapping With J.C. Conner
by "Crow Man" Productions
Lots of trappers feel the Set is the most important thing in Cat Trapping – but I'm telling you Location is the key. I will show you locations and the variations of sets that I make. Dirt holes, walk through rubs, scratch up sets, and a variety of these sets that have been successful for me over the years on my Trapline and in different parts of the Country. When I think cat, I think of Location first, then skunk, castor, and eye appeal. It takes extra hard work to be a "Cat Man" and to take cats in numbers, you'd better by physically and mentally up to the challenge. That's Cat Trapping!
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Coyote Trapping
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