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Jake Trap
Tip #17
Trap Stakes
Made in USA
I weld a 3/8” slug on my trap stakes roughly 3”- 4” above the point.
Tip #18
Shock Springs
Tip #19
Trap Cleaning
Tip #20
Blending Material for Sets
Jim Conner
One of the fastest and easiest ways that I have cleaned traps is with a hot water bath. It will melt and loosen your old wax, dirt and krud.
A compressed air nozzle will blow off all the old wax and dirt, especially in hard to get places like inside the springs.
I use a lot of grass clippings.
I shred it several times, then wind row it.
Stirring daily helps to dry and water spraying and the sun really help to bleach out the color.
Tip #21
Lure Making Tips
The slug gives unbelievable holding power and I always double stake due to           unexpected weather changes.
The reason I use shock springs is that in extreme weather toe catches do and will happen.
Shock springs doing their job.
What really gets your attention is a $200+
toe-caught bobcat.
A clean trap ready to be dyed and waxed.
I have tried different ways to clean traps but found this to be the easiest for me.
I also use a lot of shredded leaves.
All dried, bagged and ready for the trapline.
I have used different methods to work down ingredients for lure, glands and baits using old chest freezers, refrigerators and burying it in the ground.
All work good.
I like what I call the
"Tub and Jug" method. I also use a 5 gallon bucket to make fresh tainted bait on my Texas trap line.
It is
fast and simple.
I weld 3 or 4 nuts on the open lip of the tub for the tie down. I want the ground loose and facing south.
The tie downs serve 2 purposes: to pull the tub down into the loose dirt
sealing it from flies and to keep animals from upsetting it.
Trap Staking Tip
Trap Shock Spring Tip
Trap Shock Spring Tips
Trap Cleaning
Trap Cleaning
Trap Cleaning
Trap Blending Tip
Trap Blending Tip
Lure Making Tip